Faithful Study Guide

Faithful Study Guide

Because GOD is

Elizabeth McQuoid


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God is utterly faithful. That's his nature. He cannot lie, always keeps his word, and is fully committed to his glory.
So what does this mean for me today?
* No sin is too awful for him to deal with
* Because he's kept all his promises to me in the past, he will keep them in the future
* My salvation is secure
* He will come again and take me to be with him forever
This brings comfort, joy and security.
It also motivates me to repent of sin, avoid sin, continue in God's service, and extend grace to others. Because God is faithful, I should be faithful too.
Faithfulness matters in the day-to-day things, but also for the long haul. I need to hold fast to God when life is uncertain and unfair, pressing on and becoming more Christlike every day.
This study guide will give you a big and reassuring view of God, but will also enthuse you to grow daily in faithfulness and grace.