Fearfully Made

Fearfully Made

Carlos Darby


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You weren’t born to live scared.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made.

So why are so many of us afraid?

From failure and ridicule, to rejection, loneliness and death – today’s society is plagued with anxiety, doubt and fear. Into our social-media dominated, comparison-rife age, Jesus promises the solution.

Attacking each of these fears in turn, Hillsong Youth x Young Adults London along with LA, NYC, Sydney, Paris and many more, unite to share real-life stories encouraging youth the world over to better understand how the Fear of God has the power to conquer all other fears.

Featuring interviews with Fleur East, Guvna B, Leah McFall, Ashley John Baptise, Marcel, Rich Wilkerson JR, Cheryl Fagan, Chelsea Smith, Erwin McManus, William Adoasi Lucile Houston, original articles by Dan & Jo Watson, Phil Kyei, Ashley John Baptise, Elizabeth Neep and Group Discussion Questions for each fear, this full-colour, powerfully design-driven mag-book gives you the tools to positively shape society today.